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"Vanessa finds time to interrupt her schedule to tell me more about her work - and her life…"
Read the whole interview with Annie Hirst, as it appeared in the Eastern Daily Press Norfolk magazine.


Art reviews - Vanessa Pooley bronze sculptures

Vanessa is truly venerating women’s bodies as she, the sculptor, sees them; beautiful and voluptuous…this makes her work incredibly tactile.
Arts East

The work of Vanessa Pooley has wit and elegance.
The Spectator

Pooley figures have proved wholly pleasing to the eye…and at big art fairs, amid work by the hyped likes of Tracey Emin, with whom she once shared a studio block, they stand out a mile – attracting a steady stream of buyers. Women love her cast characters, as do men who love women. 
Eastern Daily Press

One of the country’s leading artists, Vanessa Pooley’s beautiful bronze nudes are a celebrations of the shapely, child-bearing female body with all its sensuous and comfortable curves. 
East Magazine

Popular with art critics and collectors, Vanessa Pooley is a name to watch…
Eastern Daily Press

…a crouching figure leans forward to encircle a small standing body in her arms. It is a world apart, a full stop: a portrayal of an intimacy so strong that you catch your breath.
Telegraph Magazine

Vanessa Pooley is known for her distinctive sculptures of lounging unselfconscious female figures…
Homes and Gardens

One of the most sensitive works is Vanessa Pooley’s sculpture of great simplicity, beauty and humour.
What’s on in London

…witty and imaginative sculpture celebrating the female form
The Spectator magazine

…her forms appear amazingly lithe and lifelike…Vanessa Pooley has found considerable success with her…steadily evolving work.
Eastern Daily Press


What some buyers have said about my work

I wake up in the morning and look at your sculpture and it makes me feel happy. PK

Contemporary critics search desperately, and in all kinds of out-of-the-way places, for originality in art.  One day they will pay more attention to the remarkable originality with which Vanessa Pooley treats a theme that lies at the very origin of European sculpture: that of the Mother and Child.  Vanessa’s works on this theme are imbued with tenderness, dignity and a modern psychological sophistication. E&R C

I've spent a lifetime wishing that a piece of work would strike me beautiful enough for me to want to have it  in my house,  after visiting your website, now I have! Your sculptures are wonderful and the Mother and Child pieces simply gorgeous. BJ 

 This piece is a triumph but our whole house is in part a monument to Pooley women. DC

Please  thank-her for all the pleasure her sculptures have given us over the years.  Can you tell her that I've got this as my screen-saver and that I  stroke the sculpture every night as I pass on my way to bed.  It  remains the best present that I've ever received.  LC

 it took my breath away- you know the feeling - when you fall in love with an artwork... your work is timeless and beautiful.  JC

 "Hug" has arrived safely, and I really love it, thank you so much. CR

 It arrived, I love it, it is beautiful!  KS


Renouned sculptor, Vanessa Pooley works from her studio in Norwich, Norfolk creating beautiful figurative sculptures in bronze and silver. Her work mainly features voluptuous female forms and mother and child groups but her love of Wagner also inspires her work.

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